Monday, May 16, 2016

CONTEST: Just Tag to WIN

We know how much annoying the f*king RS is as we used to try tricking it in many ways as a free user. Now there is a chance to get 1 month premium account of this bullshit file hosting. First, we’d love to thank you all who have been downloading from as free users to make this offer possible; you know what we mnt. We are planning to give this shit away every month since the points are just enough to do that; and we’ve alrdy foreseen a clue! ---------------------------------- Now come to the f^king how to win this: Just line a tag with 5 words max to describe in whatever you feel about this site. Isn’t this simple? Anyway, you will need to be signed in to comment the tag. Again, one user can only come with one tag; and this contest will be closed by the end of this week. The winner of the tag will be announced here: THE WINNER IS: “Daylight18”

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