Monday, May 16, 2016

Colin Mc Rae Dirt 2007+update

Original title : COLIN MC RAE : DIRT
Yr : 2007
Studio : Masters
res : Racing - Simulations
Platform : PC
Relse date : 15/06/2007
Size 8Gb compressed
passs: mcxlvii
or InFrEEdoMweFly!
internal apss at rd me

masters Studios’ designers are back crting a totally reinvigorated McRae experience. The new Colin McRae title will go beyond the series’ point-to-point rallying to deliver the most diverse selection of extreme off-road competitions. Sensational gravel, mud and dirt racing events from the world over will include perilous Hill Climb and collision-packed Rally Cross events.

International rallying competitions will also fture, with official cars on tracks based on rl roads and loions around the globe. The title will also expand on bt-the-clock racing and include events with multiple cars on track to satisfy anyone who wants to push their on-the-edge driving just that bit further.

With official cars and official events across a wide variety of off-road and rally disciplines, the most authentic and thrilling tracks ever in a McRae game, modes that make the most of online multiplayer and the series’ trademark intuitive car handling system tuned to perfection, Colin McRae Rally is evolving

Download links: update_rapid_part37_a8605.html update_rapid_part38_a6293.html update_rapid_part39_a3289.html update_rapid_part40_a8795.html update_rapid_part41_a3858.html update_rapid_part42_a6242.html update_rapid_part43_a2665.html update_rapid_part44_a8341.html update_rapid_part45_a3638.html update_rapid_part46_a5093.html update_rapid_part47_a5245.html
: mcxlvii
EDI: For people who get the thing freezing on them when extracting the last 4.17 gb part. DO NOT USE WINRAR TO EXTRACT IT. Download Win7 and use that. guarentueed non corupted file.

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