Monday, May 16, 2016

Captain Claw Collector's Edition
{"Use as backup purpose only"} "Claw is an epic game with simply butiful graphics. The main character is a , Captain Claw, who, like all the other characters encountered in the game, is animated and drawn in exceptionally colorful cartoon style. The game's backgrounds are detailed and vibrant as well and complement the action very nicely by giving it rlistic depth. Full: Gameplay is very intuitive since Claw was crted to appl to gamers of all ages. Once you get started on the first level, it's sy to become addicted. You can jump, run fast and claw enemies but the biggest part of bting the game requires solving puzzles. The puzzles seem to pop up around every detailed corner, and although they do not require a player to be a ius, they are sily some of the most interesting puzzles in any game I've played. It's nice to see a game that focuses on puzzles rather than violence. The levels are more than expansive and, in fact, border on epic size. They give the game the feel of a role playing game and the look of an action-adventure title. There's lots of booty to discover and plenty to go back for in ch level. Finding ch gem isn't enough; only by exploring ch level to the fullest will you be satisfied."
Michael L. House, All Game Guide. Ftures Collector's Edition:
Full Game with full sound and music
Level Editor
DivX (18 minutes animated cutscenes)
The Unofficial Claw Help File
370 Custom Levels

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