Monday, May 16, 2016

Build-a-lot 5: The ELIZABETHAN ERA Premium Edition
{"Use as backup purpose only"} Welcome to the Elizabethan Era with this chy sequel to the Build a Lot game series! In Build a Lot 5 you take the role of a competent master-builder charged to renovate the kingdom of Queen Elizabeth. Village by village, town by town you’ll rebuild worn constructions and modernize the Old England. Full: Build a Lot 5: Elizabethan Era is a rl-estate strategy simulation game. Buy blue prints and lay out villages and towns, upgrade houses and watch the rental income pile up! The game offers two unique modes to play: casual where you can rn money and campaign, allowing progress through time epochs. Enjoy interesting story, bright colorful graphics, immersive audios and hours of simulation fun! Game Ftures: This Premium Edition includes 10 extra "expert" levels, an additional building, a comprehensive Strategy Guide, and behind-the-scenes Screenshots and Art.
Build the whole of Queen Elizabeth's Kingdom in this exquisite sequel.
Accomplish your tasks without the aid of modern-day conveniences.

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