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Relse Date: August 16, 2011
Also on: X360
RP-T+ for Rating Pending, Targeting a Rating of Teen or Above
re: Action RPG
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
Developer: Supergiant Games
Detail: In this original action role-playing game set in a lush, imaginative world, players must crte and fight for civilization's last refuge as a mysterious narrator marks their every move. The goal of Bastion is to construct a safe haven in the wake of the Calamity, a aclysmic event that shattered the world into a series of floating islands. As players journey into the wild unknown in srch of survivors and supplies, they will confront strange bsts, forge an array of customizable wpons, and gain new powers from specially-brewed spirits. The entire play experience of Bastion is dynamically narrated, gradually revling a rich backstory as the narrator rcts to the player's actions in rl time. [START ART]  FTURES: Stunning hand-painted artwork in full 1080p resolution Critically-acclaimed original music score Hours of rctive narration delivers a deep story Action-packed combat rewards playing with finesse Controls custom-tailored to PC plus gamepad support 10+ unique upgradble wpons to be used 6 powerful Bastion structures to be discovered 'New Game Plus' mode unlocked after finishing the story

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