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2moons (2007)

Developer: Gamehi
Publisher: Acclaim Games
Relse date: open BETA, July 30, 2007
re: MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game)
System requirements:
* 800 MHz CPU
* 256 MB RAM
* 32 MB card
* Sound card
* DirectX 9.0c or above
* Broadband Internet Connection 

  Input: board, Mouse , or just MouseSystem Requirements:
A game that would compare to 2Moons would not be that hard to find because there isn't much that makes it stand out from many other games except for its PVP/Hardcore gaming style in which you feel pressured into trying to be the best. If I were to choose a game to compare 2Moons too, I would have to say 9dragons because of the graphics also, the mini combos while fighting. Even though 9dragons has way more combos.... the attack animations during the fighting varies like 9dragons, it is not the same 1 animation for a whole onslaught of attacks. I would also say that 2Moons's game play feels like With Your Destiny[WYD], except the camera adjustment ftures in 2Moons is way better.
When you first look at this game through the website, and you see the stunning graphical concept art for the characters and NPC'S it made me go Wow this is going to kick some ***, especially when I saw Recommended for 17 yrs or older. I rlly was intrigued by the story line in which the game happens during the time that the 2 MOONS align thus giving the exiled king of Haran the opportunity to open a dark gate that unlshes grt evil, for the overall story check here 2Moons Story So y you can say the game was my Eye candy for a couple months before open beta.
Once I got to play the game, after i choose my class which are der oriented, and my starting castle which is like your starting region, I noticed a grt difference between this game an d many other games, the major difference I noticed was there felt as if there was no rules. The npc's would literally ask me What the **** did I want? I found that funny and a first, never before has a NPC been so interactive or expressed what they truly felt like the NPC'S in 2MOONS. The maneuverability of the game is fairly simple you have a choice of clicking to move or using W,A,S,D on your board, so it suits both styles. The game looks stunning with the settings at max, they incorporated a Bloom effect to give the game a shiny/glossy look which makes it look butiful. I have to say that the game play is this games strong point. The fighting makes you feel excited because of the sound effects used, also the skills can be linked together to form combos which gives the game a battle system which I guarantee most of you that crave action would appreciate this battle system.
One of the game's faults that I see is it is a bit of a grind(in which you have to kill a lot of monsters in order to level), it has quests but they are not plentiful like World Of Warcraft. The game's grind is not a hard one, the game is very competitive and any minor change in your status points alloion can ld to your demise or to your glory.
The PVP system with in the game lets you rn PVP points and reputation,with this said you can become one of the most wanted players in the game.
The game is not about hardcore grinding and PVP, what rlly caught my eye was that aside from all of that it also has a fun side which is FISHING!!. You can fish in this game is a very cool fture to add. Once you rch lvl 7 you can do a quest and you get a fresh fishing rod. While fishing you can acquire many things not just fishes, I myself have caught Bone Rings and other accessories. 2Moons aside from its amazing game play, and stylish graphics, has a lot to offer, I can not tell you all of it because then it will spoil the game I suggest you give this game a try and see for yourself what they mn by and I quote from the main site Massive Blood Battles, You Against Thousands, Blast Monsters Into Chunks Of Writhing Flesh.
Graphics: 8/10
With the game at Max settings this game can almost compare to the graphics of Granado Espada/Sword Of The New World and the armor details are unimaginable.
Sound: 8/10
The game has grt sound effects for their wpons/skills, and also contains some nice mood setting ambient themes. It also has environment sound effects that make you feel as if your in the game itself. There is 1 cool fture which is a built in in which you can put your songs into the MUSIC folder within game directory, then go to options within game, and check player, now you can listen to your own music while playing the game.
Gameplay: 10/10
Even though the games has your typical point and click battle system theres something more to it, in which it feels as if your actually engaged in combat. The sounds that accompany this also help you get into the game.
Community: 8/10
The game has a grt party system in which you can set items to individually drop, randomly share, etc. Also when grouped the experience does not decrse tremendously it actually improves grinding because the more monsters you kill the more it adds up. Also the guild system in the game has many ftures, theres also custom emblems which you can use to represent your guild and make it crtive.
Value: 9/10
This game has a lot of value and according to sources more updates are soon to come. I believe that this game does has replay value because of its competitive nature. If you are not grinding or questing you can go into PK mode(player killing mode) and start some trouble or rn PVP points through duels.
Unique ftures: The PVP system in which you can rn points, and either become one of the most wanted players for PK. Also the fishing system is unique and is always good to have in between quests and grinding. There is also instanced dungeons in which you get your own assigned dungeon, that only you can see kind of like World Of Warcraft. Download link(s):


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